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Mortgage Maestro Canada

The Mortgage Maestro team brings together mortgage experts with more than 50+ years of combined mortgage, financing and business experience offering you unbiased and professional advice. Our mortgage agents are experts that have funded hundreds of millions of dollars in mortgage loan over their careers and with dozens of lenders to choose from. You can be confident that we are working for you to get the best mortgage fit to meet your needs and goals.

Clinton J. Grayson, AMP, SMCP
Director of Sales & Operations | Mortgage Broker 

Direct: 778-897-2441
Toll-Free: 1-888-503-0505 ext. 315

BCFSA License# MBX601892
RECA Alberta Licensed Mortgage Broker

Norma Chin

Mortgage Agent
Phone: 604-259-6555

BCFSA License# 601277

Shea Stoney, B.Comm.

Mortgage Agent
Phone: (778) 897-1511 ext. 174

BCFSA License# 146020

Melinda Nelson
Mortgage Agent, Level 2 

Direct: 778-897-0971

FRSA License #M15001785
RECA Alberta Licensed Mortgage Agent

Coming Soon
Mortgage Agent, Level 2 


FRSA License #