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Simplify your homeownership journey


Custom mortgage products

Our team will work with you to assess your current and future financial goals and build a tailored mortgage solution that is right for you.


Broker-assisted solutions

Our process starts online followed by our team of experts guiding you through the mortgage process.


Competitive rates

We have access to dozens of lenders to find you the best mortgage rates.


Years of lending experience

We work with experienced lenders that have helped millions of Canadian homeowners find the right mortgage solution for their needs.


Unbiased advice

Our focus is on offering you the best mortgage solution. We work tirelessly to present you with all suitable options from multiple lenders.

How it works


Apply online in minutes

Whether you need a first-time home buyer loan or are buying your third property, we’ll help you find the right solution for your needs.


Connect with mortgage experts

One of our experts will contact you to explain the process and provide mortgage solutions tailored to your needs.


Get approved with confidence

Once we agree on a solution, our team will work with the financial institution of your choice to complete the mortgage process.

The Mortgage Maestro advantage

Big Banks

Mortgage Maestro

Tailored mortgage solutions to meet your needs

Competitive mortgage rates from multiple lenders

Broker-assisted online experience

Non-biased financial advice

The Mortgage Maestro advantage

Tailored mortgage solutions to meet your needs

Competitive rates from multiple lenders

Expert assisted online experience

Non-biased financial advice

Mortgage calculators

Are you curious to understand how much you can afford and what your monthly payments would look like? Our calculators allow you to explore multiple options based on your budget.

Affordability calculator

When searching for a mortgage, the first step is to figure out how much you can afford. The affordability calculator helps you understand your budget range.

Commonly asked questions about mortgages in Canada

How can I get the best mortgage rates?

Your mortgage rate depends on a variety of personal factors, including your credit score and history, the city or town the home is in and loan amount compared to the value of your home. At Mortgage Maestro, we will help you find the best mortgage and best mortgage rates based on your specific needs.

Do I need to visit in person?

Most of your mortgage process will be completed online or on the phone. You will be required to sign your mortgage documents in the presence of a lawyer or a notary.

When is my credit score checked?

Once you are ready to proceed with your application and we have received your express consent, we will pull your credit report.

Which banks do you work with?

We have access to more than 50 lending institutions including the major banks.

Are there any other costs associated with the mortgages?

There will be some additional costs for an appraisal (if required). Your lawyer may charge a separate fee for processing your mortgage paperwork. Depending on the home’s purchase price there may be an additional cost associated with the property, land transfer tax.

Is my data secure?

There are several security measures in place to ensure your data is kept secure. We also have a list of safety tips to help ensure that your information is completely confidential. We will use your data to manage your service & product requirements as needed. The information will only be shared with the partners we are working with to process your loan application.

*5 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage for high ratio insured mortgages of 80.01%-95% loan-to-value for qualifying clients offered through one of our mortgage lending partners.